What is Gaelic Park all about?

Gaelic Park was built by Irish volunteers, who wanted to have a home away from Home. It is a place for Irish people to come together and play music, enjoy the Craic and play sport. 

Our hard working volunteers keep our Irish club clean and tidy, and in good repair. We are very proud of our club, and we welcome you to lend a hand and feel the passion that we feel in keeping the dream alive. 

Our current Committee comprises of:

President - Leonard Harkin

Secretary - John Vesey

Treasurer - Kieran Stack

Victorian Vice President - John Vesey

Australasian Vice President - Liam Lenihan

Men's Football Rep - Wayne Quirke

Camogie Rep - Fran Crossan

Ladies Football Rep - Claire Gallagher

Underage Football Rep - Michael Comerford

Ref Co-Ordinator & Head of Discipline - Owen Quinn

PRO - John Reaney

Registrar - Fergal Fegan

Complex Manager - Danny Toohey

General Committee - Peggy Harkin

Maintenance - Regan Screeche-Powell


Gaelic Park is in desperate need of volunteers to help keep the place going. 

Some of the volunteers that take care of Gaelic Park's buildings and grounds include:

Jim Tully

Ted O'Sullivan

Tom McMahon

Tomas Fahey

Jerry Fitzgerald, and

Regan Screeche-Powell.

We are working very hard to get jobs done around Gaelic Park, but we desperately need more hands on deck! 

Looking after Gaelic Park is a mammoth task. So please get in touch - whether you come once a week, once a month or every day for a couple of hours, your help is welcome.

Tasks include -

  • Whipper Snipping
  • General maintenance/repairs such as door handles, hinges, fly screens, fences, benches...
  • Painting
  • Cleaning

If you've got skills, we will make use of them!